About Searchpets!

Searchpets! is an open source search engine website created by@maxthecomputer1 and @skepfuskyjs; where users can query and bookmark the entire Housepets! comic catalog by Rick Griffin.


On March 2022, Max had this idea to create a Housepets search engine to look through recognizable memes

By June and July 2022, we migrated to Redis database after we built a successful prototype in favor for parsing 25 thousand line JSON.


How long did this project took?

The initial prototype took at least a a month or two to complete, and while we add some features here and there and work on as we progress, but due to sloppy code from our website codebase, we had to rewrite the entire website from scratch.

With the total rewrite of the site, integrating the Housepets Redis database to the site, a bunch of errors, issues, bugs, and with Max having school during weekdays - the process took several months to be finished.

What was Searchpets! written in?

Searchpets! is written in a web framework called Next.js, built on top of React, one of the popular JavaScript frameworks for building websites.

We use Python to write scripts update the latest comics from the official website via web scraping method - and Redis as the our main database and its search functionality for SP. However, noting that Rick himself will be closing Housepets for good, we would shut our updater scripts for it's last comic updates.

Does this site contain ads?

Nope, not a single one! We never have the incentive to have any monetary gains on this site nor embed intrusive ads whatsoever, although we use Google Analytics to monitor and track user behavior (i.e. page scrolls, page views, etc.)

Searchpets will, and always be a free and open source project publicly available for everyone to use, including its source code!

Wouldn't Rick take SP down?

I'm pretty sure Rick wouldn't mind at all, but we actually have considered about copyright infringement throughout development since the images are sourced directly from the official website and with his name and the URL of the website on each comic strip. I think it shouldn't be a problem since it's all under Fair Use.

However, if Rick decides to shutdown SP, we will respectfully accept the request, with several months of hard work -- will shutdown our infrastructre, wipe and remove the database, close the website, and archive the Searchpets codebase no questions asked.

How can I request a feature/bug?


If you find any of this interesting, the source code for Searchpets! is completely free and open-source on GitHub!